New York City Memories

3 days and thousands of steps crammed into 70 seconds


3 Days on the East Coast 

Summer is finally here and so is our holiday. This year we are having four different holidays in one with the 1st few days spent on the east coast, based in the very heart of New York City on W46th Street.

We got here in the very early hours of Sunday after a great flight from Heathrow to JFK and the 6 of us were in the Dial 7 suburban in just over an hour after landing, not bad given the immigration queues. I remembered to take my Tile‘s of the keys at home and drop them into our checked bags and it was cool to see them on the app a few minutes before magically appearing in the belt (not sure if the list bag scenario would be twice as traumatic while staring at the phone).

Sunday was spent catching up with family in New Jersey, see faces I hadn’t seen for 20+ years, well not counting Facebook sightings! We had an amazing day sharing stories and connecting dots across branches of the family. Planning for the next reunion started almost immediately.


Back in the city we set up the plan for the main sightseeing days on Monday and Tuesday. Having been to New York before, the City Pass was an essential purchase and was used to frame a couple of days soaking up the big ticket spots with the added bonus of fast track access in a few places. In two days we squeezed in the Top of the Rock, Central Park, American Museum of Natural History, Uptown loop on the bus, The Empire State Building Experience, Dowtown loop on the bus, Statue of Liberty and the 9/11 memorial. I did warn everyone that we’d squeeze and awful lot into a few short days.






Like everyone who’s been on a city break here, time travels at an amazing pace and before we’d felt like we had arrived it was time to go again. It was interesting that one of the children commented that having been now hew wouldn’t want to go back to Times Square in a hurry and he much preferred the Soho and Chelsea districts and I totally agree. In fact the 1 place that we gravitated back to while we walked back from the Battery Park to the Empire State Building, we took the step challenge pretty seriously on the Tuesday, was via The Cupping Room Cafe in the West Village. I am not completely sure if the attraction here is based on anything other than a good feeling we had when we 1st rocked up there a couple of years ago. I guess that all it takes …………