New York City Memories

3 days and thousands of steps crammed into 70 seconds


February Stars

This picture was taken at Kielder Water, Northumberland here in the UK. This place is pretty amazing if you like to get a good clear view of the night sky, away from the light pollution in the towns and cities. According to the visit Kielder website, this international dark sky park is the largest area of protected night sky in Europe. So in a round about way that the link to why this blog is called February Stars, not really.

At the start of 2014 Gaynor and I, though mostly me, wanted to have a go at the discipline of maintaining a blog and coming up with content to keep it moving. This would be a double edged sword as it wouldn’t be much of a read if we spent our time watching the TV and doing the gardening at the weekend. So that was the idea born, story telling based on what we did, where we went, what we saw and who with. Simple really. What to call it was solved by Foo Fighters being on in the background and became the 1st best match and grab the available domain, still easy!

I mentioned that this was back in 2014 because today in July 2016 I folded up all the old content to start all over again. I learnt a lot along the way and how to get the most out of WordPress and get myself organised, what I didn’t do was embed the blogging habit, getting bogged down in making every post substantial which ultimately made the burden too great and the stories quickly out of date.

So here’s to starting again, v2 in July 2016.